Laying Pine Pellet Horse Stall Bedding – Maine’s Finest

But, knowing how you can make use of pine pellets will allow the two to be combined. The horse stall bedding made from pine pellets is affordable and pleasant for the animal. It is also extremely easy to lay.

To begin, get the pellets. The standard horse stall could take anywhere from six to ten 15 kg bags of pellets. Place some dry pellets, and then a couple of bags. The pellets will assist in the capture of moisture.

In this case, you’ll have to add more water to each of the pellet bags to become as soft and soft as sawdust. Each bag typically requires one gallon of water, but the amount will vary based upon the type of pellets used. Place each bag in one bucket. Then slowly incorporate the water over top to best prevent spills. It is possible that the water will not dissolve fully into the pellets in a short time. So, it’s crucial to allow the buckets to sit briefly before adding water.

For further information on pine pellet horse stall bedding check out the accompanying video.


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